Keegan Sweeney


I contacted Keegan wanting a back and matching leg pieces but I didn’t really know what type of design I was after, after seeing his work and speaking with him further he gave me full trust knowing whatever design I was going to get would be unique and detailed! I’ve had my back and legs done for a while now and still too this day I get stopped in the street by people who are blown away by what they see! I would definitely get another design by Keegan if I was down his way again he’s super clever at what he does!

Brooke B

Every day I wake up in my new skin. I marvel at the intricacies of dotwork, mandala and geometric design Keegan has masterfully combined into this extensive piece, admiring the flow of it over my hips and buttocks, the sensuous nature of it all. I gushed a little when I contacted him. “let me be your canvas,” I wrote.  I meant it. After a little discussion via email, I paid the booking costs which was all very straightforward and we set the dates I had my consultation with him where he showed me his mockup stencils and it was fantastic, more than I had hoped for. We both couldn’t wait to get started. We agreed the three sessions booked would not be enough time so we booked a further two in quick succession. He was very accomodating and as enthusiastic as I was, and wanted to make sure he had the time to do the piece justice. 34 hours broken into 5 days, 2 days together and 3 back to back, 7 hours each and the last just 6 was all it took. It was and still is the most beautiful tattoo I’ve ever seen. I will forever be grateful to this man for making my dreams a reality, more than I could ever have hoped for. His work is something else indeed, he’s a visionary, and when you let him just go with an idea you get something truly unique.

I can never thank him enough and I am proud to be his walking canvas.

See you next year for the front!


I put my trust in Keegan for my back, based on his amazing line work and individual unique style. I made an enquiry through the website with a couple of referance pictures, but left compleate creative control with Keegan. He knew exactly what I was after and created a personalised individual piece for me. Keegan makes you feel very comfortable and works in a very positive environment, I had no doubt I was in the right place for my tattoo. I get stopped often, and get a lot of compliments, people always ask who did my tattoo and majority of people can also pick Keegan as the artist. I’m so happy with my tattoo I feel its feminine and dramatic at the same time. The line work is incredible. I feel proud to walk around with such a beautiful tattoo and cant thank Keegan enough for the care, individuality and an amazing piece of artwork he has created for me. Thank you Keegan!!

Amanda J

The whole process with Keegs is so much fun from starting to discuss different ideas for your tattoo to seeing it evolve after each sitting to finally being given an incredible piece of art that will receive compliments left, right and centre. I have had over 7 days worth of work done by Keegs on two large tattoos and I can’t wait to book in plenty more.

Jamie N-S